The Hermit

The Hermit - Your Inner Light Will Guide You
(written by Norma May and Alexandra de Boer)

Our Faery walks with her eyes closed serenely through the darkness only the light of her inner guidance shining brightly before her and a solitary Moth as her companion. How does she know which way to go nor not fall?

The appearance of The Hermit card heralds a need for quiet reflection and solitude. You would do well to slow down, retreat and withdraw from daily life for awhile. Creating a space for meditation or prayer allows you to receive the spiritual answers to the questions that you seek as does time spent out in nature or in quiet solitude.

The Hermit brings patience and wisdom through age and experience. She speaks of embracing the introvert within you and her strengths. She shows us that there is always something new to learn and some quiet time studying new knowledge may help to shed light on a situation or issue you have.

The Hermit warns against any hasty actions and the need for caution and careful consideration of issues. Quiet contemplation and going within seeking your own counsel or that of a trusted source will be beneficial to you now.

Moth flies faithfully and with determination towards the light, she reaffirms the importance of trusting your intuition and inner guidance. She resonates with truth, the truth you cannot see because you are in the dark but in the silence and darkness comes a sense of knowing. She also warns of succumbing to blind faith and is ruled by the Moon. You would do well to pay attention to the natural cycles of our universe and the effect they have on your own mental and physical cycles.

Like Moth you are encouraged to find the light to guide you and illuminate your path to wisdom giving you the power to follow and illuminate your own path through Life.