King of Fire

(written by Norma May and Alexandra de Boer)

The King of Fire burns with tireless passion and natural charm. He is a born charismatic leader energetic and loyal. Searching and finding possibilities where others see none, the King maintains his goal and gives his all to reach it. Through dedication and passion he will accomplish many of his projects.

Loving his freedom this King is not shy when giving his opinion. He enjoys being the centre of attention as this comes naturally to him so therefore he is not perceived as arrogant.

These days the dragon he carries on his shoulders is his friend. Dragon has taught The King of Fire to guard and respect his own limits ensuring he no longer burns out as has happened in the past. Dragon also ensures that our King remains cleansed on all energy levels.

When you have pulled this card you should ask yourself what impression the sun behind the King gives you. Is it rising? Or is it setting? This indicates where you stand in regards to the energy associated with The King of Fire or with a project you're working on. Sunrise your at the beginning and sunset is near completion.
The same can be said for Dragon. Is he exhausted or is he enjoying himself? Giving you an Indication of how you utilize your own personal energy.