The King of Earth
(written by Norma May and Alexandra de Boer)

The King of Earth is a very practical guy and is someone who gets the job done. Not being one to be easily distracted he displays a strong focus completing the task at hand with both efficiency and diligence. Calling in this energy when you require concentrated results will enable you to tackle the most tedious to arduous jobs to hand.

Honest and straight to the point this King does not illicit unwanted advice and is not one to turn to when needing help with emotional issues. He is however the one you go to for directions or how to fix things as his love of puzzles and creative mind is always willing to help others on a practical and intellectual level. Not one for the limelight and displaying a stable unpretentious personality make him truly great company to have around.

Down to earth with a strong connection to nature the King of Earth energy resonates with natural healing techniques and/or shamanism. Associated with the Zodiac sign of Taurus this King is not one to waste his money on frivolous stuff but rather loves to surround himself with items that are both useful/practical and supply ease of comfort. Extremely passionate and fiery with a slow burning fuse to anger. Though be warned once lit you may regret having pushed too far as his argumentative nature comes out for all to endure. Standing with conviction for what he believes in you will need to come up with a really good intelligent, just, argument to convince him otherwise as this King displays a very stubborn nature not unlike the Bull of the Zodiac sign Taurus.

This King's energy is really helpful for getting things done, finding the confidence to stand your ground, bringing your vision into reality or finding a practical solution to a problem.