(written by Norma May)

SPEAK your truth from your heart and soul.

LISTEN intently to the wisdom of ancestors and guides whispering on the wing and allow yourself to express and share those heartfelt words to others, never hiding but rather displaying unashamedly the love you carry within.

COMMUNE with nature for she holds mystical healing powers.

CHERISH the magic that resides deep within your soul for it holds the secrets to longevity and youthfulness.

ALLOW your eyes to see the world with compassion and allow others to see in your eyes the vulnerable young woman, the caring mother and the old wise crone, that you are, will be and will become. As you journey deep within your heart you will walk down many ancient corridors, unlocking and opening sacred doors. You may not like everything you see inside these closeted rooms but if you greet it all with love and compassion you will come to understand it is all just a part of the spiritual journey, a witness to were you have come from and who you truly are. For the heart is the seat of the soul, the eternal life force energy, the internal flame of pure love that burns brightly and continuously within every living creature that ever walked the earth.