The Fairy of Nature message is a simple twofold one of connection and healing.

You would be well advised to surround yourself often in nature. Walk, breathe, see, feel, and hear the Divines' presence with every step you take. Being out in nature and walking barefoot upon the earth has the potential to heal your body, mind and soul. They ask you to respect and honour the beauty of the Divine through Gaia's splendour and all who inhabit her.

Listening wisely to what your heart desires, what gives you joy, passion and fulfills you, reflects the connection and healing that is experienced when one stays true to their own inner nature. Take note of synchronistic signs that the Universe sends your way and relish those magical moments as the Universe willingly responds to you following your heart and what can be considered your true inner nature.

Fox is wise, clever, resourceful and protective. He asks you to approach life with passion and humour, balancing both work and play. Both Fox and our Fairy share an alignment with the Sun, their fiery red hair symbolic of the Solar emblem. Like the Fairy of Nature Fox resonates with the attributes of desire, intensity and expression. He understands his surroundings intimately and transverses through them with familiarity and ease. Should we ever feel lost and need help finding our way Fox reminds us to make full use of all our skills and abilities both seen and unseen so as to attain our goals.

Crow is playful, magical, mysterious and protective. She resonates with the mysteries of ancient wisdom and the authentic self. Like the Fairy of Nature she speaks of following our hearts and connecting with the magic of life, rejoicing in synchronicity, going within and discovering our true nature.